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Welcome!!! to automated CC/DUMPS shop VCLUB
We are being honest with buyers and sellers.
For our BUYERS: good bases, with high VR.
For our SELLERS: best conditions and fast payouts.


Registration of new users in the shop only by invite codes.
To register, use the code: vclub-vf
Registration fee: $8

Our refund policies:

We provide no guarantee, that there is any balance on cards you purchase. And we can not refund or replace a card for this reason. If card not verified by VISA security or 3D MC Protect we can not replace or refund it. We do not refund or replace cards with invalid address, state, city, ZIP, phone, DOB, SSN, MMN or name. If one of our checkers (LUX, 4Check, Try2Check) returns Approval code for a card, we wouldn't replace or refund it. Refund time for a card - 5 minutes.

Our top up policies:

All payments can be made only via Bitcoin, and we do not payout this funds back. After you sent payment via Bitcoin, your balance will be automatically loaded after 2 confirmations in Blockchain. Bitcoin transaction confirmation could take from 5 minutes to 2 hours (it depends on commission fee you pay for transaction). We add funds to your account only after 2 confirmations. There are no exceptions.

Our privacy policies:

We do not log your connection.
You do not have to give us any private data.
We store passwords and cards information encrypted only.


DUMPS 101/201 now is available only fresh from POS
Valid rate of all our bases differs from 50% to 99%.
You may receive support in our shop using our Ticket system or Jabber.

Information for Resellers:

We are well known and long time on the market. We offer up to 90% share. Shop has user-friendly and convenient Reseller Panel. Our Reseller Panel shows detailed statistic on your sales and refund rate of your cards. You have the highest priority for our supports. You may contact them in our ticket system or through jabber. Payouts you can make through our fast payout system without having to contact the support.